Treatments - Hygiene And Gum Care

Scale and polish

It’s recommended to have the scale and polish done at least once a year; sometimes even more, depending on the gum problems, kind of saliva and other factors. We offer a very thorough scale and polish service and, if needed, we can apply anaesthetic on cream, spray or injected.

Periodontal treatment

When the patient suffers bone loss and/or severe gum inflammation there is a case of periodontal disease or gum disease. When this happens, it’s better to treat the gums so that we can prevent the oral infections and reduce the bone loss as much as possible. We use mechanized methods, so the treatment is more effective and painless. We also use laser to get long-lasting and better results.

Selective curettage (Scraping)

This treatment is done when there exists severe gum inflammation and/or bone loss but just in few localized areas. In these cases, the treatment is also mechanized and with laser.