Treatments - Prosthesis

Acrylic dentures

When there are teeth missing but the patient doesn’t want to or cannot have implants or bridges, we can use the removable dentures.
The acrylic ones are quite common, comfortable and easy to repair if needed. The dentures can be partial (just some teeth) or complete (all the teeth).

Metal structure denture

These are dentures which have acrylic teeth, but the base is done in metal so that they are stronger.


In this case, we use some teeth that the patient still has, and we file them down to use them as anchorage with metal crowns. On the outside, these crowns have high resistance acrylic or porcelain. These dentures are very strong, comfortable and they don’t have palate.

Duplicate of denture

These are acrylic dentures copied from the original one that the patient already has. They are used in case of emergency when the proper denture is broken and cannot be used.


After some time, the patient’s mouth suffers some changes and the denture needs some adjustments so that it doesn’t break, and the patient can keep it comfortable. We can fill in the areas where the gum shrinked with acrylic (soft or hard).

Denture repairs

We can fix most of the cases of broken dentures. If the denture is acrylic, sometimes, it might be done the same day.